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kulmedia … the rise

1999 After a trip out to India the partnership with my cousin Vipul we forged ahead with our first web design business. We specialised in e-commerce early for global clients.


Radio station set up – kulmedia presents – gigs – film premieres

Helping to setup a sattelite radio station on Sky, Producing programming and teaching presenters how to use the broadcasting desk.



pr // Record label // promotions

Kulmedia email marketing with 55K email list with a reach of over 500K on message globally. PR for record lables.

Zee tv – zee music launch – ground events – auditions

Working with Zee Music to establish their music channel and support work with their ground events including Melas, Auditions and content for the UK made programming.



VIP Launch nights

VIP Launch nights for artists releasing new material. Intimate performances for fans to enjoy up close with drinks and canapes.

zee carnival – autograph stage

Running an A list stage comes with the unknown, the crowd, the celebrities and the fans. It’s amazing how much you can do with the right team.



Radio Station launch

Pre set up, testing and launch of an FM Radio station. Software installation, Presenter Training, Working with OFCOM.

corporate branding // events

Consulting on design and branding for corporate events, exhibitions and networking events. Large scale print design. catalogue creation and literature.



working with the best in arts, entertainment & media

I truly love meeting new people, those who treat others well will always be remembered. The credits for all those who have put up with me, supported me and been there for the journey are indeed many. Now, this is the next phase for me, I see you, the artists, producers, presenters, entrepreneurs, friends and family, look at what we have achieved.

Always remember the best is yet to come…

Kulmedia Ltd… #letsgo

What is not covered here is my career in manufacturing I will put a link below if you really need to find out more about it.

So the new offer from me is my passion to deliver real value add, putting profit onto the client’s bottom line. I’ve 20 years of multimedia experience and love facing new challenges so here we are, my 5 business stacks contain a whole load of answers, the question is what can i help you with today?


Kamal in Manufacturing

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