Website Design Questions Answered by Kamal (Updated)

website design questions answered by Kamal Kulmedia Digital Studio

At Kulmedia we get asked about website design, here are the thoughts of our founder Kamal of Kulmedia Digital Studio.


are website design costs tax deductible?
If you are a business, you can claim the cost of the website design along with associated costs such as hosting, domain registration/renewal, maintenance charges and additional work to a website

are website design costs capitalized?
Your website costs are usually written off within 1 year so a full write down of spend in depreciation, on the other hand for larger projects usually e-Commerce or cloud-based systems you can add the cost to your balance sheet and depreciate the asset over 3 years. Tip you can borrow against the value of your balance sheet, which would also contain assets such as equipment, buildings, tangible assets that are used for the business.

is website design easy
Knowing how something looks and feels is instinctive, yet so subjective, one person’s view will be different to another, over the last 20 years we are programmed to see good and bad design when it comes to web site design, so the answer is website design is easy and difficult at the same time depending on your approach to the subject. Building a website yourself takes time, skill and effort, if you are proficient at getting a website put together then great find a platform you like, use a builder, or learn to code and then go for it.

is website design eCommerce
eCommerce is selling products and services via the internet, where the customer will buy from a traditional real-world business with bricks and mortar or a virtual business that sends the goods via a supply chain.

is website design good
Website design has proliferated into a huge industry, being able to stand out is one thing but delivering what your clients want is the goal, to deliver value above and beyond the actual website itself.

what are website design principles?
There are many schools of thought on design principles, two main areas to really be in with a chance of success are to ensure meeting the technical challenges set out by the rules of engagement with search engines and more importantly how the customer or user interacts with your website and the interface.

can website design be copyrighted
In general, in the UK whatever you put out to the world becomes protected in UK law, so if you are the first you have greater rights, although the interpretation of copyrights can be expensive to protect, you must remember that unless you have trademarks or patents for your work or technology you will be copied by someone on the planet.

can i copy website design
It’s not the way to go, each business needs it’s USP and the brand and logo along with your company tone, colours will make large changes to the design, so although you may use a template or a standard framework, your content is your Ace in hand.

how can I design a website?
Take inspiration from websites that you like and then add your company personality to the mix, this is the fun part of design, ideas and more ideas will always mix into a pot of options soup that you can then sip at to see if the taste is to your flavour so to speak, no soup should be harmed in the pursuit of designing a website.

can we design a website using html?
Believe it or not static websites are in high demand, seen as the next wave in simplicity, I was around in the 90’s when it was the bedrock of web 1.0.The only thing is making static versions of WordPress websites is a little more complex and requires a lot more resources.

how does website design affects user experience
Let’s face it a bad design can see people bounce in and out, relevance is key, if you have a simple text layout and it relates directly to your brand, voice and tone then it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd. The graphical interface and user’s understanding of how websites work should not require a tour of features like cloud based software ( tutorials), navigation, menu functionality and structure that is please to the user will help create trust.

design website with WordPress
Great for any businesses who want to update their information, lots of the internet is populate by WordPress built sites between 30-40% so its great, super easy to get into and expandable, if you need a feature there will be a likely plugin which will add that functionality.

how design website logo
Logo for a website should be considered as an entity on itself, the trend to make the logo adapt to the platform it’s being used on is well documented. Logo design for your business should be set up to reflect your business and what you represent.

what website design software is the best
Theme builders Divi, Elementor, Wix (platform), BootStrap
Themes for WordPress check out
We use Adobe CC for over 11 years now click here

how much website design cost
a website costs can vary dependant on the complexity of the site, you always get what you pay for, so tread carefully and get some quotes.

which website design company
I would always talk to 3 providers see how you build your relationship up in the early stages, are they recommended by others, do they operate within your budget. It’s nice to meet face to face but with Zoom and Email you are not restricted to someone just on your doorstep. Here at Kulmedia Digital Studio we work in partnership with our clients, delivering everything they require with a high service level. With global projects we understand the needs of your local market and offer a high level of experience.

what is website design and development
Design and development are linked, although one person can do it all there are specialities such as back end and front end. Ensure you have someone who understands your business needs and requirements is key to success.

what is website design business
Usually, a freelancer or an agency delivering websites for clients along with other services including hosting, SEO, social media management.

what is website design services
So you may have your website but wait your business is changing, growing or launching something new this is where services including photography, content writing, blog writing, building landing pages. Alternatively you may want to start from the beginning and create a new website from scratch this is one of the services Kulmedia Digital Studio offers.

when a website design is effective
In a space that is awash with websites, most of us only use maybe 7-10 websites in our day to day so designing your website to be technically and visually great whilst telling your story to your prospects is the main mission to effect influence on your market or niche.

when to design website
expanding business,
new product launch,
you are merging different businesses.

what makes a website effective
When used as part of your business strategy, great businesses recognise a website as one touchpoint that offers great value, your business information is available 24/7 can help influence decisions to engage or purchase a product or service. A website should be given extra focus and marketing resources especially now after the global pandemic.


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Written By: Kamal Uddin

Posted on: Jan 21, 2020

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