Why moving to AWS Nordic region is a good idea

Why moving to AWS Nordic region is a good idea

Why migrating AWS from Frankfurt/Ireland region to Sweden servers is good for Nordic region businesses?


Last year Amazon announced opening up it’s data centres in Sweden, sometime in 2018. Well those data centres are almost ready and would be operational starting sometime in April 2018. That’s just 2 months from now. So how does that affect you?


Well if you are in Nordic region, and you have hosted on AWS, chances are that your instances are hosted on a data centre either in Frankfurt or in Ireland. Well now is the good time to move your instancess to Stockholm, Sweden servers. This will enable Sweden and Nordic customers with local latency and reduce their cost enhance agility and fulfill their data sovereignty requirements.


Ever since the reforms were introduced in 1990, Sweden has seen a massive growth of startups. In a country where everything was state provided, one would think that not many startups could come up. However, going by the theory of Joseph Schumpeter, that economies thrive when “creative destruction” occurs, meaning when new entrants are abe to replace established companies, it clearly shows that Sweden has seen some phenomenal growth in Individual startups. Moreover cutting of Corporate taxes from 52 to 22 percent today helped stimulated entrepreneurship in a big way and has been on incline ever since.


Sweden has been recognized by Amazon for three things — Renewable Energy, Digital Services and thirdly a big boom in Start-ups. All three accounted to Amazon setting up a data centre in Sweden and bringing Amazon’s computing power and storage closer to the business customers of Nordic region.

So if you are in Nordic region and on AWS, you would need to migrate to Sweden region Instances soon. Whether you are on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)  OR you have stored your your data on S3 buckets, we can help you migrate it from Ireland or Frankfurt to Sweden region servers.

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Written By: Kamal Uddin

Posted on: Feb 2, 2018
Categories: AWS | Business | StartUp

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