Is it time to look at freshening up your brand post-pandemic?

Is it time to look at freshening up your brand post-pandemic?

“Never underestimate the power of a brand” – This is what many people say.

If you’re a business, entrepreneur or work for an e-commerce startup, then your brand is the face of your company. If it isn’t properly aligned with who you are and what you stand for, how can you expect anyone to trust in your product or service?

12 tips to freshen up your brand post-pandemic

1. Be open to change
2. Learn from the past and anticipate the future
3. Don’t be afraid to take risks
4. Keep things simple
5. Set a consistent tone of voice and messaging
6. Use the same colours
7. Create content that’s relevant to your audience
8. Use great photography and video
9. Create an engaging social media presence
10. Add fresh content to your website
11. Maintain a clean and tidy storefront
12. Keep your current customers up to date on new offerings and promotions

Everything has moved forwards, in terms of technology, connectivity and the way we work in a hybrid flexible state. There is a global acceptance that meetings online are a drag, but for updates and teams it’s been transformational, everybody is now accessible. The downside of working from home compounded by the lockdowns and restrictions has left many remote workers looking to improve their well being. The last two years have transformed those who needed a reset, re-ignited the flame and passion for business entrepreneurs on one side and seen established businesses close.

So when is the right time to freshen things up?

If you started a new business you will go through the first phase in flux – your brand doesn’t really come into the mix until you have fulfilled the workings of your business to pay your bills, provide you security and give you a lifestyle that you have been dreaming of, although dropping the 9-5 will in most cases mean you will be working 24/7!


When starting out it’s all bootstrapped, anyone that can help is of use, the lowest entry costs, leaving the procrastination behind and getting on with “the business” is the typical 1st Phase. It really doesn’t matter what you look like you have to start, no ifs, no thinking for months, endless planning, just the day you challenge yourself you will forever be in your element. It’s a lonely place being in business. This is essentially your own learning time, make mistakes, fall over, get back up and keep moving forwards.


This time is almost endless, there is no real prescribed period, essentially it’s the time from the Start-up Phase to where you start to become aware of what you do, your passion, product or service becomes in tune with the demands of clients willing to buy from you. You probably don’t even do your original “thing” this is down to either the low-profit or lack of traction in the marketplace. At this stage, you have experienced the crazy highs and lows of business, more than likely you have shared your journey on socials including Tik-Tok or Instagram. One thing you will learn is that your business has cycles, with your planned growth vs real-world challenges evolution of your business, meeting the deadlines, deliveries, production or service delivery, you will be able to plan forwards and reap the rewards of being your own boss. Evolution requires a spark from your creative side, what excites you, how to rise to the challenge, how to open more doors – more importantly, how to programme your clients to remember you using your brand, brand marketing and brand voice.


Organic growth is great, it evolves at your pace, it can seem like a lifetime to start with but then you start moving faster, opportunities appear either by market changes just like now after the lockdown, where gaps are readily waiting for new owners either through mergers & acquisitions or by working collaboratively with your supply chain and peers. Acquiring other businesses for expansion is a great opportunity to refresh your brand. Aligning yourself or refreshing the brand you have acquired as part of a group or sub-brand. When launching something new – using the guise of a sub-brand you can minimise the impact of failure by closing it down, but if you are successful you can bring it into the fold, I did this in my businesses to mitigate the loss of reputation – although it never came to crash and burning.


Success milestones can be anything from company valuation, the number of years of trading, achieving accreditations which are all great times to update and refresh your brand. The current trend in branding is now moving swiftly towards “our new world”, sustainability, efficiency, becoming Earth-friendly for all the wonderful individuals that make our planet Earth and ultimately potential brand ambassadors.

Where ever you are in your entrepreneurial journey if you have an idea and think we can help you please feel free to connect. Read More here Branding Service & Logo Design Service – Kulmedia Digital Studio




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Written By: Kamal Uddin

Posted on: Feb 16, 2022

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