How to use Facebook as a great Marketing tool?

Facebook, as we all know, can be a great marketing tool. But the first question that you must ask yourself is


There are many things that you can use your Facebook page for. Ask yourself:

  1. How can I increase my BRAND Value from my page?
  2. How to increase the traffic coming from Facebook?
  3. How to engage more and more FB Page fans?
  4. How do increase Page Likes?

All of us would either need one, two or all points for our Business.

So now where do I start?

Facebook organizes ad campaigns based on your ad objective, and they structure them by funnel initiative: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion.


These are the 3 factors that drive any campaign on Facebook. So, based on these 3 factors we need to decide, how do I target my customers. First of all creating an Awareness about your Brand is the most important thing.



First things first: Create a very Professional Page of your Brand, NOT Personal but Professional that has an engaging COVER Photo and with a definite punch line and a CTA (Call-to-Action) button. Facebook does give you that option to create your CTA button.

This will help you drive things.



Now, that the page is ready, make sure to fill all the ABOUT details of your Business page.

So say for example you are a local business, make sure to mention the Days and Timings you are OPEN. Don’t forget to give your website and Contact details including phone numbers on the ABOUT page. This generates a trust for the end user and makes your brand feel more trustworthy to your potential customers.



After the page has been created, you need to create Engaging Posts about your business. The ones that arouse curiosity about your business and Boost those Posts. Promoting your Page is another option to engage more users. Local Businesses are the most found businesses by the users who search on Phones — about 54% of them. So make sure you Boost your posts more locally.

Facebook loves Videos. No, not the ones you created on your Youtube channel, but the ones that you upload on your Facebook Pages. This makes the page more engaging and the FB algorithm boosts the Videos and Video pages to more users locally.

That is exactly Why — ‘Reach People Near Your Business’ and ‘Increase Brand Awareness’ the best options for retailers.

These options use algorithm and additional targeting methods to target people who are more likely to be interested in your brand/page/product/services.


Re-posting your content, that has been successful on other platforms like Twitter, Quora, Blogs, Youtube Videos, Hubpost, Instagram, Pinterest is a very good idea. Use it judiciously. If there are any Videos that have been liked on Youtube more, re-posting them on Facebook, would even make them more engaging and more LIKED by your FANS.



Now your Page has generated, say, 1000-2000 Likes by users who like your Page and your content. What do you do with these Likes? And your POSTS are generating LIKES separately.

There will still be a gap between users liking your POSTS and users liking your PAGE. Engage those users who have LIKED your POST to like your FB Page as well. They are more likely to LIKE your FB PAGE.


Now we usually ignore this very important aspect of Comments, by simply either ignoring the Comments or by simply clicking on the LIKE button. The more engaging way would be to monitor the interactions of your FANS and respond to Comments via ‘Notifications’. You don’t have to respond to every Comment on your Page, but putting a Comment off and On keeps the users interested and feel they are being responded to.


Finally, use FB’s Insights tool to monitor the progress of your page and measure the Success of your FB Page efforts. You can also create a GOAL in Google Analytics if you are redirecting traffic to your website from Facebook, to keep a more close watch on not just the number of visitors but how many are getting converted.

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Written By: Kamal Uddin

Posted on: Feb 12, 2018

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