How can YouTube help to increase your Page Views?

How can YouTube help to increase your page views

How can YouTube help to increase your Page Views?

Having a personal website is not a problem as long as you have YouTube as your endorsement partner. The Splendid platform encounters the challenges associated with getting more traffic, views, likes and subscription. No other video integration platform is as versatile as YouTube. With Impressive 3 millions of views on YouTube every day, video sharing for brand promotion is indeed a cost effective and appreciable step. So let us know how YouTube can help to grab traffic towards your business-

  1. Club your website link with YouTube videos

Create interesting videos which describe your business tactically. Strategically position the links on your channel for encouraging viewers to visit your website. The best would be to place the link somewhere in the beginning of the description particularly in the first line itself. Also, consider the functionality of every link and locate it appropriately throughout the videos.

How to add link to the channel?

Click upon the pencil icon located above the header image -> edit link->alter the anchor text and insert the suitable link.

  1. Placing link in comment Section

Comment section is undoubtedly the best and the most convenient place to post your website link. Apart from using it as a place to respond to get in touch with audiences, you can use it as place where links can be directly placed. The link of your website can help viewers to find relevant answers of their queries. Apart from your own videos, website links can be placed in other videos as well.

Note-Carefully position the links and comment section because excessive posting can lead to spamming and penalization. Also, club relevant commentary to describe the links so that people can remain informed before visiting your website.

3 Promote your videos and links together

While posting the video link on the social media website, just drop the official link of your website as well. You can leave a short introductory message for the audience to understand what those links all about are. Make sure you build strong call to action and place attractive images with the posted links.

4 Convince audience to Subscribe

Interesting videos can automatically help you to get more subscription from people. Some of the most successful brands have adopted for video marketing technique to build up the brand name. You can encourage viewers to subscribe and like your website within the video. Let them know what posts and update they can get if the subscription button is pressed. After all, we all have a motive to make our audiences as miniature brand ambassadors. The individual promoters actively engage in sharing your links and promote you through word mouth publicity.

5 Collaborate with other You tubers

Promoting your website alone through a channel is slightly difficult. Therefore, Team up with other YouTube creators and promote your official website so their channels and videos. Make sure you are targeting the correct audience. Find out who can be on influence of through social media website and value them considerably.

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Written By: Kamal Uddin

Posted on: Mar 7, 2018
Categories: Business | Social Media

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