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Eurowire Containers… the rise

In the begining, one half of the design team that created the industry standard 30×18 wire trays for bakery & Food.

In 1996 the company became a Limted company after purchasing 10,000 sq ft factory in Halesowen.

Further factory space

As our final direct competitor ceased to exist – when purchased by Caparo – we diversified into stainless fabrication. At this point, the purchase of the 17,000 sq ft unit completed the current site.



BCABA Award – Learning Company of the year

Our first award win – learning company of the year – in recognition of our investment in employee training.

Business Link Poster Campaign

The company were featured in the Business Link “Think Bigger” campaign I along with the team featured in 24 of the 48-panel billboards across the Midlands, on buses and trains.




We went into online sales with a retail catelogue with near 27,000 products available online, this opened our business to buyers having a look at our business more frequently as well as opening up new markets.

Bakery Dynamics R&D

Creating an R&D division and brand Bakery Dynamics. Initially to protect the brand reputation with the launch of new products including bread tins, without any orders, investment and some ‘reverse engineering’ saw the rise in client take-up of our all new product line up, to my surprise my idea, design and subsequent delivery to market of the 400g Mini (the half a full loaf) simply put us at the heart of the industry for Innovation and NPD.



Industrial Bakeware & the aquisition of ER Burgess Macclesfield

ER Burgess manufactured pressed tins and bakeware the company manufactured the original ‘Hovis’ tins.

The entire plant was shoe horned into the factory in Halesowen producing pie tins, muffin trays, cake tins and special shaped pressings.

stepping into consultancy

Moving from the day to day from the business allowed me to really develop an improved service from NPD to problem-solving at the same time spend time on self-development.



a career in design, efficiency & manufacturing

Whilst the business continues I have now made the decision to forge a new path whilst offering a different range of services I have a real passion for food and bakery. The best is yet to come.


What is not covered here is my concurrent career in multimedia I will put a link below if you really need to find out more about it.

So the new offer from me is my passion to deliver real value add, putting profit onto the client’s bottom line. I’ve 29 years of manufacturing experience and love facing new challenges so here we are, the question is what can i help you with today? Visit www.urbanbakeware.com


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